socialise your pooch @ puppy play & puppy school

We believe it’s vital for young pups to learn how to socialise early so we’ve created Puppy Play, a place for pups to socialise in a safe and clean environment at a time in their lives when they are not able to go to the park to meet other doggos.

Blakehurst Vet’s Puppy Play is exclusively for pups aged between 10-14 weeks who have had their second vaccination. It’s a chance for pups to have fun and play together and learn important things like how to behave and read signals from other pooches.

It’s also our chance to reward our puppy clients and at the same time contribute to the greater good of socialising pups early to help them understand how to behave in social situations.

With a maximum pups per session and separate areas for different temperaments, your baby will make friends and get to play around for a fun, 1.5 hour session. Blakehurst Vet pups who have had a vaccination/medical consultation with our vet receive two free Puppy Play sessions run on Monday afternoons.

Bookings are essential, so please call our friendly nurses on 9547 2750 to book your pup’s place.

Your pup will need to have had their second vaccination and be no older than 14 weeks to join in.

Puppy Play does not replace Puppy School, which is highly recommended for all pups. For more information on Puppy School at Blakehurst Vet, visit Paws Plus Consulting.