Free Puppy Play

Puppy Play is a chance for pups to get together in the crucial learning period of 12-16 weeks. Puppies get to romp and play with other pups in a safe environment. Puppy Play is FREE for Blakehurst Vet pup clients.

Dental Cleanings

Bad breath is usually a sign of dental disease and can lead to all sort of unpleasant outcomes. After checking your pet's mouth, we’ll scale and polish your pet’s teeth — which will make those precious pooch kisses more pleasant.

Doggie Day School

Blakehurst Vet’s Doggie Day School provides a safe, clean and fun environment for your four legged friend to romp and play and benefit from basic training. Click the icon above to learn more.

Luxury Cat Hotel

This stunning hotel is the ultimate indulgence for your puddycat with private suites complete with TV, raised custom made bedding, fresh, organic sheets and huge windows. Spoil your fur baby next holiday. Book here.

Unwell pet

When your pet is just not behaving they way they usually do, we’ll perform a thorough examination and get to the bottom of the problem. We will always discuss costs with you before proceeding with any treatment.


Just like in humans, vaccinations keep pets healthy. We’ll keep your pet safe from heartworm, bordetella and more — and send reminders when they’re due for a vaccine.


Our vets are experts in dental, soft-tissue and mass removal surgeries. Usually, your pet can go home the same day. For more complicated procedures, visiting specialists work with our vets in our clinic.

Puppy & Kitten

Start off on the right paw. Our comprehensive puppy and kitten consults ensure you and your pet are ready to take on the world.

Insurance Claims

For most pet insurance providers, we submit pet insurance claims for you, taking the hassle out of claiming. For surgical procedures, we offer Gap Only to approved policy holders.

Skin and Arthritis

We treat a variety of skin-related issues like ear infections, bites and rashes. We also have very effective arthritis treatments that can help get the spring back in your pet’s step. These are our vet services.

Diagnostic Tests

We perform in-house blood, urine and foecal tests, digital X-ray, ultrasound and a wide range of other services in-house. This provides you and your pet with fast and reliable results.

Wellness Exams

We provide a nose-to-tail consultation to make sure your pet is happy and healthy. And, if you pet needs other services, our vets will review costs with you before proceeding.


What you feed your pet is very important for their health. Our expert nurses and vets will chat with you about what is the best nutritional program for your pet.

Puppy School

Take your pup to school! Puppy school is run regularly in the clinic by an experienced dog trainer. For more information contact Paws Plus Consulting on 0410 667 414

Payment Plan

We use Openpay, a flexible, interest-free payment method that gives you more time to pay for your pet’s treatment.


It’s never an easy decision. We approach end-of-life care with compassion and warmth to make the experience as comfortable as possible for both you and your pet.


You can trust our experienced caring team to care for your gorgeous four-legged family member.