Puppy Play
for 9-15 week olds


socialise your pooch at
puppy play 9-15 weeks

We believe early socialisation is crucial for young pups.

That’s why we’ve created Blakehurst Vet’s Puppy Play – a safe space for pups to get together, especially when they can’t yet go to the park.

Puppy Play offers a chance for pups to have fun and begin to understand signals from other dogs.

It’s also our chance to reward our loyal puppy clients and promote early socialisation for better behaviour.

In a lively one-hour session on Saturdays, your pup can make friends and enjoy playtime.

Blakehurst Vet pups with a vet consultation get two free sessions; otherwise, it’s $30 per session.

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Reservations are a must. Call our friendly nurses to secure your pup’s spot.