Dogs are highly social animals and love to get together with others and play.  They also like routine, respond to positive reward training and enjoy boundaries. Parenting is always a juggle and being a fur parent is no different. Many families struggle to find the time to exercise, train and socialise their pooch.

That’s where we come in! Blakehurst Vet’s Doggie Day School provides a safe, clean and fun environment for your four legged friend to romp and play and benefit from basic training.  Our beautiful, air conditioned facility has indoor and outdoor training and play areas. School runs Wednesday and Friday 8am to 2pm and you may choose from 10 or 20 packs, which must be used within three months from the first day of school. After school care is also available for those parents who can’t make it by 2pm. 

Pooch pupils must be fully vaccinated, be flea free and be friendly and sociable towards dogs and humans. 

For more information, check out our FAQs.

Basic training including sit, stay, come and walking on a lead training

Doggie Day School runs Wednesday and Friday, 8am-2pm

Buy 10 packs for $600 or 20 packs for $1100 with three months expiry

Peaceful park walks and supervised play in onsite off-leash area

Clean, safe & controlled environment with capped amount of doggies

Luxurious glass fronted, air conditioned suites for when it’s time to chill out

Trained staff playing, training and enjoying your pet's company all day

Receive daily SMS updates and photos

trusted loving professional

You can trust our experienced caring team to care for your gorgeous four-legged family member.