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We support you to make the best choices for your pet. We are vets because we genuinely love animals and pride ourselves on providing individual care and one-on-one attention. This means your pet’s health is managed by a caring, experienced vet team who are invested in your pet’s health and who are passionate about providing outstanding service every visit. We are a family-run practice with world class facilities and equipment.  Being part of our family means your pet will be treated like a VIP and cared for by the best vets in the business.

Our Services

Spacious Modern Vet Hospital

Your pet will benefit from a purpose-built vet hospital. We strive to make your visit to the vet as stress-free as possible – easy parking, a quiet rear entrance and separate dog & cat waiting areas

Your Pet's Dentist Works Here

Bad breath can be a strong sign of tooth decay, gum disease and some pretty nasty underlying health conditions. A regular professional scale and polish is as important for your pet as it is for you.

Easy Pet Insurance Claims

Say goodbye to messy paper insurance claims and say hello to eClaims! Our nurses can submit most pet insurance claims for you. With certain providers, you may need only pay the gap difference.

Anyone for Puppy School?

Our school is popular with local pups because we have the best darn teacher in town. We also have a spacious, spotless classroom where you can safely socialise your pup and learn some great tips!

Trusted Loving Professional

Your pet is in the best of hands when they’re part of the Blakehurst Vet family.

Stunning pet hotels

Your dog or cat will absolutely love our luxurious pet hotels. Cats and dogs are completely separate in different areas of the building. Cats benefit from spacious private suites with climbing shelves and huge windows to watch the world go by. Dogs have glass frontage suites and are exercised in the sun four times a day. Go online and check out our suites and then make your booking. Any questions? Call our friendly team on 9547 2750

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