Junior Suites are smaller than City/Church suites, but still with plenty of room to roam around. Junior Suites have custom bedding and shelving to explore and are in a quiet part of the hotel. With glass doors and human sized ceilings, these suites could be just the ticket for puddies looking for mid-priced luxury accommodation.


  • Glass door rooms 1000mm x 1900mm x 1600mm
  • Opening in March bookings available now
  • Climate controlled, quiet suites
  • Only one guest per suite


BONUS – Get daily play with servant

NB: There is a 20% non-refundable (regardless of the circumstances) deposit payable on booking, so please be sure of your dates before you book. 

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  • Guests: 2
  • View: Some Junior Suites have church views. Others have larger rooms.
  • Size: 2m²
  • Bed Type: Bespoke raised memory foam beds with cotton sheets
  • Categories: Cat Hotel

Prices start at: $45 per night


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